Goop's World
Goop 1
Toshiko Games
Release date
ESRB rating
E 10+

Goop's World is the 3D platformer. It will be developed by Toshiko Games. In this game, Goop and his friends will have to go on an adventure to reclaim artifacts called Magic Opals and rescue Princess Blossom, who has been kidnapped by the evil King Grex.


When visiting his girlfriend, the princess, Goop and his friends come under attack by an evil Thornosaur named King Grex and his Minion henchman, Moki and Shelldon. After the three villains kidnap Princess Blossom and steal the Magic Opals, Goop and his friends set out to stop them.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Goop: A rare purple Gooptar born once every 1,000 years; Blossom's boyfriend
  • Bing: Goop's lifelong friend and Tawnya's boyfriend; an inventor and scientist
  • Draclo: A young dragon who was raised by Tawnya
  • Princess Blossom: The benevolent ruler of the Gooptar Kingdom; Goop's girlfriend
  • Tawnya: A Gooptar/Thornosaur hybrid and nature lover; Bing's girlfriend
  • King Grex: An evil Thornosaur who wants to rule the planet Gooptonia
  • Moki: King Grex's short, sarcastic lackey
  • Shelldon: King Grex's idiotic, incompetent lackey
  • Marco the Elder: The world's oldest Gooptar; his cave home is the main hub of the game
  • Norm the Skeleton: A sleazy, greedy skeleton who loves scamming Goop out of his Power Orbs


There are 8 areas of the game:

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Goop's World
Main Characters
Goop - Bing - Draclo - Princess Blossom - Tawnya
Supporting Characters
Marco the Elder - Moki - Shelldon - Norm the Skeleton - Goggles
Bomb Jr. - Bomb Sr. - Cannot - Chill Chomper - Chomper - Chucky - Crocorock - Fischer - Ghostie - Gooptar-Eating Plant - Grumbly - Helimari - Jailbird - Mr. Missile - Mummbly - Petunia - Pump-Kog - Pyrolop - Snerlin - Springear - Torto - UFLS
Snaptrap - Mr. Biggles - Captain Grum - Frostflight - Frogrump - Mecha-Jack - Magmass - King Grex
Petunia Plains - Slipsand Dunes - Paradise Isle - Gleaming Glacier - Vile Vine Jungle - Grexland - Mount Fireside - Castle Grex
Basic Levels
Banjo Barnyard - Goggles' Garden - Petunia Forest - Rolling Dunes - Sunny Oasis - Bizarre Bazaar - Hula Beach - Anchor Tanker - Bilge Rat Bay - Humpback Harbor - Pagoda Peak - Crystal Caves - Rainbow Falls - Fogbottom Bayou - Fiery Plateau - Jackpot Junction - Industrial Park - Coaster Carnage - Dino Fields - Grex's Peak - Burning Base - Castle Climb - Evil Engine - Haunted Dungeon
Draclo Levels
Tall Tree - Terrible Tomb - Atlantis Tunnel - Frozen Depths - Hotfoot Canyon - Trapeze Act - Lowest Level - Crumbling Keep
Boss Levels
Snaptrap's Grove - Mr. Biggles' Lamp - Captain Grum's Ship - Frostflight's Cave - Frogrump's Pillar - Mecha-Jack's Tent - Magmass's Core - King Grex's Throne
Power Orb - Magic Opal - Timer Balloon - Gooptar Hole - Checkpoint Node - Life Fruit - Chance Fruit - Flame Fig - Coolcumber - Wattermelon - Draclo Hook
Flame Goop - Hammer Goop - MerGoop - Rhino Goop - Ball Goop - Wing Goop - Beast Goop

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